All Massage Therapy sessions are customized to meet your needs. Before your session begins, your therapist will ask what your current needs are and if there are any injuries or past surgeries she needs to be aware of. Communication between client and therapist is very important to be sure that your needs and expectations are met. 

Customized Massage

Ranging from stress-relieving Swedish massage, Deep Tissue,  Neuromuscular, and Prenatal, our therapists will bring comfort and experience to each treatment. You and your therapist will discuss your goals and concerns before your session begins.

30-MINUTES: $60.00
60-Minutes: $95.00
90-Minutes: $135.00

Hot Stone Massages

30-MINUTES: $80.00
60-Minutes: $125.00
90-Minutes: $175.00

Couples Massage

Receive your massage side-by-side while two massage therapists see to your individual needs. The other half of your "couple" can be your significant other, parent/child,  or friend. Couples services are done in a room that is divided by pocket doors so you can choose your level of privacy.

30-MINUTES: $120.00
60-Minutes: $190.00
90-Minutes: $270.00

CranioSacral Therapy

CST uses a gentle-touch to assess and treat soft-tissue restrictions in the body. This is done with the client fully clothed. A light touch helps us to listen deeply and follow the pull of the fascial restrictions. This therapy is widely known to be helpful for sleep, TMJ dysfunction, calming the nervous system, headaches, migraines, and much more. For more details feel free to call the spa and ask to speak with one of our CranioSacral Therapists.

60-MINUTES: $95.00

Fertility Massage

Jill Copeland-Henderson is a Certified Fertility Massage Specialist. She uses this training along with her trainings in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Reflexology, and Lymph Drainage Therapy to address the multiple body systems involved in fertility. This should only be booked in the window of time after your cycle but before ovulation. Please contact Jill with questions by emailing the spa. If you book this online, Jill will contact you to get a health history.

60-minutes: $95



Designed to enhance your treatment.

  • Starfish
    $30.00 (an extra 20-minutes on your scalp, hands, and feet).

  • Scalp Massage
    $10.00 (an extra 5-minutes)

  • Hot Oil Scalp & Hair Treatment

  • Relyf© CBD

  • Fire Cupping

    $30 (an extra 10-minutes)