All of our hand and foot care treatments are customized to fit the wants and needs of each individual


  • The Retreat Manicure:

    45 minutes: $45.00

    Conditioning of the cuticle, nail trim and shape, aromatic soak followed by a light scrub, hot towel with warming mits, forearm and hand massage, choice of polish if desired.

  • Gel Manicure:

    40 minutes: $40.00

    Polishing system that give flawless wear,superior shine and ZERO dry time and no commitment *no need to worry about any UV lighting*

  • out the door manicure:

    20 minutes: $18.00

    A condensed version of our lengthier manicures for the person on the go who just needs some fine tuning and a choice of polish if desired

  • Keratin Manicure Overlay:

    40 minutes: $40.00

    A clear keratin gel applied over the natural nail to provide strength without color. Can be worn alone or polish applied. Super shiny and durable.


  • The Retreat pedicure:

    50 minutes: $50.00

    Warm aromatic foot soak, nail trim and shape, leg and foot scrub, callus removal, cuticle conditioning, hot towel, leg and foot massage, choice of polish if desired.

  • the medi-pedicure:

    60 minutes: $60.00

    This pedicure is a specialized treatment for guests with diabetes, neuropathy etc. involving a warm soak, meticulously gentle nail trim and shape, with a very light leg and foot massage, warm towel and choice of polish if desired.

  • out the door pedicure:

    30 minutes: $30.00

    Warm aromatic soak, nail trim and shape, quick buff, hot towel massage and choice of polish if desired.

  • Peel Pedicure:

    60 minutes: $60.00

    A Glycolic acid system designed to breakdown the dead skin and help with cracking of the skin and calluses. Nail trim and shape, leg and foot massage, light scrub and choice of polish if desired.



  • Extra Massage Time

    $8 (an extra 10 minutes)

  • Hand Scrub

    $6 (an extra 5 minutes)

  • Polish Change

    $12 (12 minutes)

  • Gel Polish

    $20 (15 minutes)

  • Reflexology

    $25 (15 minutes)